• Slippery (exhibition in Philadelphia, USA)

...”The artists in Slippery invoke a flux between solid and liquid states in terms of their methods, materials and motives. They are magicians and conjurers, transforming experience into elements, often pointing to the body as a crucible by which these metamorphoses transpire. Smoke and mirrors conceal one origin to yield another.”...”Edgardo Verzi engages in a painterly process, manipulating chemicals and light through color photography. As photographs they defy our ideas of documentation yet in a more residual way they document the photo-chemical and biochemical creative process.” 

(Juliette COOK curator, Philadelphia, USA, 1999)

  •  Exhibition at Palais du Pharo, Marseille, France

 “Art brings men together, and your presence at the Pharos exhibition is the expression of a friendship to which I am very sensitive. Know that beyond the intrinsic qualities of a work of beautiful composition, the painting you have been so kind to bestow on me enriches the heritage of Marseille, and will do so for ever.

(Jean Claude GAUDIN, Mayor of the city of Marseille, France, 1999)

  • Formas sin Memoria (exhibition at Galería Meridiano)

Formas sin Memoria (Shapes without Memory), as Verzi calls them, emerge from small areas within a photograph that the artist takes from the abstract landscape painted earlier. His own description of the field he works on is very interesting, as he searches for compositions that can be reproduced on a larger scale, thus shaping a structure that Verzi accepts as the end product of his research with painting, images, and photography. Detached from the original field, the shapes chosen by Verzi are balanced structures, in a harmony of colours, with interesting hues and colour shades.

(Elisa Roubaud, art critic, El País, 8 Apr 1998)