• Somos Parte (Installation at Galería Meridiano)

IMAGES ON THE MIRROR Suggestive exhibition that involves the visitor

The exhibition hall is covered with a large stainless steel sheet that works as a mirror. Visitors find their image duplicated on this circumferential frieze, while its reflection is combined with the painted prisms hanging from the centre of the room, and thus enter the composition. Edgardo Verzi, Montevidean (born in 1940, a civil engineer and plastic artist) presents a proposal which is simple, yet has multiple articulations: visitors become involuntary actors (or models) in this mechanism, incorporating them visually to the work. This entails not only an interactive dimension that immerses viewers in the panorama they believed to only contemplate, but also it can integrate viewers into the environment as they walk, change positions, discover the changes that are taking place in the mirror and discover how their displacement recomposes and decomposes the work.

What can be estimated is no longer just Verzis idea, but also its lack of boast, the discretion of a tool that operates without insolence, as it creates a step‑by‑step immersion that catches visitors, split into unforeseeable facets on the images reflected back by the circular wall. Supported by a music band, which reinforces the slightly disturbing atmosphere, the idea becomes seductive and is even challenging for many plastic artists attracted by the unsolved connection between creator and audience.

We must add that Verzi studied with Guillermo Fernández, Octavio Podestá and Mario Lorieto, and in the last decade he has researched the connection between matter and support, using painting and photography as partners in a visual synthesis process, which has led to the analysis of the dialogue between image and viewer. This new proposal is nurtured by this synthesis and dialogue.

(Jorge Abbondanza, art critic, El País, 12 Jun 2003)